Wild Afghan Diesel - 25 REGULAR AUTOFLOWER seeds per order

Breeder: Farmerjoeparker of Trophy Genetics (@FarmerJoeParker on instagram)
Genetics: Wild Diesel X Wild Diesel
Flowering Time: 70 days from seed to harvest
Aroma: Sweet/ Starburst / Tart / Gas

** These seeds are autoflowering and will flower regardless of the light cycle / photoperiod **

The Wild Rainbows is an Isolated rare genotype of Wild Diesel that occured in roughly 1 in 1000 wild diesel plants. The line has now been stabilized to represent just the Wild Rainbow, which has a strong candy flavor that the breeder describes as gassy Starburst candy. 


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    Be sure to check with your local laws regarding germination and cultivation.

    All seeds are considered hemp seeds by chemical composition