Breeder: Tony Greenhand of Greenhand Genetics (@Tonygreenhand on instagram)
Genetics: Wild Rainbow #1 X Magic Spoon
Flowering Time: 80 days from seed to harvest
Aroma: Strawberry / Candy / Afghan / Sweet

This is a limited cross using a selection of Wild Rainbow from Trophy Genetics with only 60 packs released to the public. The Wild rainbow selection had amazing red flower bracts with every color available in weed being present among its foliage. Its terps were strong strawberry starburst. I made this cross to move forward over several generations to lock in both the color and flavor. I would expect less than half in this population to have good color, and half of that to have something like the strawberry candy Terp profile of the mother, but for those Terp seekers this may be a good chance to get a good auto with a unique flavor spread. This will be the building blocks to future projects. You’ll find gassy fruit terps and afghan astringent terps among the progeny for sure and with that added color bonus. Expect these plants to finish mostly 90 days from seed germination to harvest.

** These seeds are autoflowering and will flower regardless of the light cycle / photoperiod **

Strawberry Spoon AUTOFLOWER