Breeder: TonyGreenhand of Greenhand Genetics ( on instagram)
Genetics: (Snowcap X Guard Dawg F3)
Flower time:8-9 weeks
Aroma:Sweet / Melon / Skunk / Rubber

Snowcone is a good hybrid for people who make concentrates or like easy trims. The Snowcap combined with the guard dawg has increased the aromatic diversity while shortening the profile of the Snowcap, condensing the long conical buds into a shorter bushier plant. Snowcap leaning plants may require trellis or staking in late flower. Expect aromas to very between sugary sweet to heavy funky skunk. This cross is especially good for concentrate production whether it be dry sift, ice hash or solvent extracts. Snowcap leaners have great bud to leaf ratio making them very easy to trim.