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Breeder:Annunaki Genetics (@Annunakigenetics on instagram)
Genetics: Gorilla Glue 4 X Huckleberry Soda
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

We paired two of our favorite cannabis varieties of all time in this cross: GGlue4, and Huckleberry Soda. We cannot say enough good things about GGlue4. It’s one of the top selling cannabis varieties nationwide — and for good reason. Even still, on the very rare occasion that we hear a complaint about the Glue, it usually involves its lanky structure and sporadic out-of-control branches. So, one of our main objectives in this cross was to make a more manageable, stout GGlue4 plant.We are of course suckers for any vibrantly hued cannabis plants and have always dreamed of a colorful GGlue4, so, naturally, our first male to come to mind was our remarkable Huckleberry Soda stud. Considering how our past crosses turned out with him we speculated a near 100% chance this cross will result in lots of color! And sure enough, we accomplished what we were hoping for, and better than we had imagined!Show & Tell is more or less a shorter statured, more well-behaved, pink/red GGlue4 plant! The bud’s shape and structure are identical to GGlue4 AND that classic dank-onion-peppery aroma (so unique to GGlue4) was passed on to this cannabis variety as well. The colas are dense, heavy, and resinous, and certain phenos can turn a beautiful pink, purple, and bloody-red color with cooler temps. The effects lean toward a heavy indica-type experience with a full, and heavy body high that envelops your body within seconds. Great for soothing body and stomach aches or hangover type symptoms.

Show & Tell


    Be sure to check with your local laws regarding germination and cultivation.

    All seeds are considered hemp seeds by chemical composition