Forum Girl Scout Cookies X (GDP X Rugburn) - 10 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Genetics: Forum Girl Scout Cookies X (GDP X Rugburn)
Flower Time: 8 weeks
Aroma: Sweet / Earth / Chocolate / Kush / Fuel 

These seeds are extremely limited. Each order is for 10 regular seeds.

This cross is a good improvement on cookie genetics with increased yeild and varying aromas. Does best outdoors or in a greenhouse enviroment. Indoors prefers a lower light enviroment (EX. LED's ) over high intensity light like Gavitas. The flowers can become caked in dense resin making it great for concentrate production. Although this cross has imporved the overall yeild expect to still get a medium harvest in ideal conditions. Aromas can very from classic cookie to a strong kush aroma that reminds me of milk chocolate. 

Prefers to be topped or trained. Does best in a SCROG or large plant set up. 


Forum Girl Scout Cookies X (GDP X Rugburn)