Breeder: TonyGreenhand of Greenhand Genetics ( on instagram)
Genetics: Prune Juice X Peaches
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Aroma: Acrid / Body Odor / Onion / Grape / Peach 

This is a personal favorite of mine. The Prune Juice mother is a my personal selection, and is a cross of Sugar Plum and Grapist. The sugar plum used came from Gold Ash in washington state and did not have much plum to it, but instead it reeked of fresh cut onions and body odor. The selection used in this cross had a 50/50 oniony BO to Grapist aroma giving it a solid "prune" aroma. The terpenes on this cross are sure to turn most noses up in either disgust or delight! The prune juice mother produces large rounded off floral clusters with huge flared caylxes and long resin rails giving it amazing bag appeal.

Performs best indoors in a SCROG set up but can perform well outdoors or in greenhouses.

Rotten Peach