Breeder: Tony Greenhand of Greenhand Genetics (@Tonygreenhand on instagram)
Genetics: Guard Dawg F4 X Blackberry Tart
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Aroma: OG / Leather / Gassy / Berry 

This is a limited hybrid for those who want more Guard Dawg funk on with that resin color boost from the Blackberry Tart. Plants in this population will have a beautiful fade when flushed before harvest ranging between black, purple, orange and deep red. These plants stay very short and will have little stretch when flowered making them good for indoor grows, but also excel outdoors with flowering finishing the first weeks of October. It is recommended to remove the under branching on these plants to promote upward growth before flower. Some plants in this population will be very short with heavy lateral branching like a hedge, on those You may want to remove every other branch before flower to ensure good flower yield. The aroma on these is more savory leaning towards the guard dawgs shoe polish / chem / chocolate terps, expect some to have a berry twist but most blackberry tart leaners have a strong floral addition that reminds me of classic Purple Indica. The resin on this cross can be greasy and hard to sift.

Red Dawn

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