Breeder: TonyGreenhand of Greenhand Genetics (@Greenhand.shop on instagram)
Genetics: (Chardonnay x Llama Sanglug)
Flower Time: 8-9.5 weeks
Aroma: Acrid / Peaches / Apricot / Nectarine

The Purple Peaches F2 was made by first selecting 1 female from a larger population for its color and aroma. The chardonnay mother imparts an acrid undertone that when combined with the fruity overtones of the llama sanglug father makes an undeniably peach effect. Expect to find plants that smell like peaches both fresh and candied in this line. Will perform best in an indoor environment but can do well either outdoors or in a greenhouse. This selection was made in hopes of imparting more color into the line while maintaining the fruit peach aroma. Some outliers can take a little longer to flower than others but more will finish in 60 days.

Does best SOG or SCROG style indoors.

Purple Peaches