Breeder: Tony Greenhand of Greenhand Genetics (@Tonygreenhand on instagram)
Genetics: Purple Peaches X Blackberry Tart 
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Aroma: Peach / Berry / Grape / Nectarine

This hybrid was made with flavor in mind. If you’re looking for a unique peach terp profile this may be the cross for you. The Purple Peaches is known for its strong fresh peach flavor and a selection was made to try to bring that flavor into the fast flowering genetics of the blackberry tart. While some plants in the population maintain a strong berry flavor others lend a bright fruit flavor from the Purple Peaches that together creates complex stone fruit terps of plum or apricot. I have found 1-2 of ten will have the solid peach terps with a slight gassy bite from the Blackberry Tart. These plants do well outside or indoors, but be aware some may have later outdoor finishing times due to the peach genetics.

Peach Tart

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