Mrs. Universe F2 - 10 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Breeder: Professor P of Dynasty Genetics (@professorp420 on instagram)
Genetics: Mrs. Universe #3 X Mrs. Universe #10
Flowering Time: 9-10  weeks

"Strain Name:Ms.Universe
Brand:Dynasty Seeds
Landrace,F1,F2, Selfed,Polyhybrid etcStabilized Polyhybrid
Lineage:Dess*Tar x Space Queen F3
Parental InformationOur Dess*tar (Starship x Kail Mist)

Mother used for this cross is a very unique sativa dominant plant with an indica structure….. The Dess*tar is extremely stable and has high resistance to disease and pests.. She also has such a high THC content that it will leave a resinous film in your mouth upon exhale… her scents and flavors range from hash oil, caramel, pineapple and haze… This plant can be considered a mild psychedelic..The male Space Queen F3’s sweetness makes the perfect complimentary partner to the Dess*star’s overbearing potency…. This male has a nicebranchy structure that does not stretch as much as the SQ F2 Male used in previous crosses..The Dess*tar is dominant in the Ms.Universe..

Indica/Sativa %Sativa Dominant
Feminized Seeds?No
Indoor / OutdoorIndoorOutdoorGreenhouse
Bloom Length:9-10weeks,..# of Phenotypes?4

Describe each phenotype expression:All phenos are extremely greasy and resinous… There are also many shades of color that will show up in the gene pool..***Very High Potency on this strain.

Pheno #1 (40%) xmas tree structure, smells and flavors or pineapple/hashy caramel/haze with hints of berry. 9 week bloom, PM resistant, and tight inter-nodal spacing. 1x stretch..

Pheno #2 (30%) by far the sweetest pheno, she expresses more cherry/berry than the others. slightly more indica with this pheno, but still sativa dom.. 1.5x stretch

Pheno #3 (10%) has the most stretch and longest bloom time.. Although she is more rare, I have grown her and love her! She grows foxtails/dreadlocks towards mid/late bloom… Expect smells and flavors ranging from cherry/pineapple/haze/vanilla.. 2x stretch

Pheno #4 (20%) identical to Pheno #1 in every way, but has mostly a hazy smell.. Very good pheno for stealth grows.


Resin Profile:Copious Resin

Odour Score:7

Odour Description:pineapple/hashy/caramel/haze/cherry berry/vanilla

Flavour Score:8

Flavour Description:cherry berry, pineapple, haze, caramel hash

High Type:medicinal pain relief, psychedelic, head to toe tingle after first hit"

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Mrs. Universe F2


    Be sure to check with your local laws regarding germination and cultivation.

    All seeds are considered hemp seeds by chemical composition  

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