Breeder: Tony Greenhand of Greenhand Genetics (@Tonygreenhand on instagram)
Genetics: Afgoo X Chief Mana
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Aroma: Pineapple / Vanilla / Yogurt / Sweet / Sugar

Money is a strain I made in 2016 using Afgoo and Chief mana that I decided to bring back for its superior resin production. The Money stays relatively short with little stretch in flower. It excels outside, and does well indoors under 600 watts or stronger light. The plant itself drips with resin with even the fan leaves coated making it ideal for concentrate production. Terps are fairly homogeneous across the board with most resembling a sugary sweet tropical candy flavor that reminds me of artificial honeydew melon with a mix of artificial pineapple. These plants are easy to grow in most conditions. Recommended for beginners outside.