Lovin' Cup - 10 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Breeder: Professor P of Dynasty Genetics (@professorp420 on instagram)
Genetics:Shiskaberry X Mrs. Universe #10
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

"Parental Information:
Lovin’ Cup is dedicated to a dear friend that passed away in 2013… RIP GeoffThe Mother of this strain is the legendary “genesis cut” of the Shishkaberry. This particular cut has been around for well over a decade and expresses a well balanced amount of blueberry and Afghani.. It has proven to be a great medical strain for nausea, IBS, increased appetite, and many other stomach issues. We incorporated our Ms.UniverseDad-The Ms.Universe #10 has an extremely high thc content, but is a very functional and long-lasting medicine…

The #10 male carries a DessTar(Starship x KaliMist) Dominancy which brings the disco balls(aka resin glands) to the party, as well as a extra coating of frosting and sweet essence of fruit, caramel and spices…..
Indica/Sativa %50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Feminized Seeds?No
Indoor / Outdoor: IndoorOutdoorGreenhouse
Bloom Length:60-70days
# of Phenotypes?3
Describe each phenotype expression:
Pheno #1 (40%)- Ms.Universe dominant pheno that is the most sativa out of the group, and also has the highest yield, largest stretch (2x) and longest bloom time (70days). A nice uplifting buzz and cherry terpenes are very common with this pheno.

Pheno #2 (40%)- 50/50 pheno that exhibits both parents and has a nice even head/body effect.. sweet cherry/berry taste with undertones of afghani/hash This has the best balance of all three phenos.. (1-1.25x stretch)

Pheno #3 (20%)- Recessive Blueberry pheno that has the quickest bloom time(60days), densest buds and least amount of stretch (.75x). Sweet blueberry blossoms with a powerful body high can be found with this pheno. Take a seat on the couch after a few puffs, you’ll need it.Stretch:.75-2x"

*Dynasty Genetics  seeds are produced organically indoors without the use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones*


Lovin' Cup


    Be sure to check with your local laws regarding germination and cultivation.

    All seeds are considered hemp seeds by chemical composition