Glue Trap X (GDP X Rugburn- 10 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Genetics: Glue Trap X (GDP X Rugburn)
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Aroma: Rubber / Fuel / Earth / Shoe Polish / OG 

These seeds are extremely limited. Each order is for 10 regular seeds

The Glue Trap used in this cross is my personal selection from 30 seeds. I selected the female due to her increased bud production while maintaining the guard dawgs flower time and aroma strength. The flowers of this variety have some of the strongest terpene profiles of any other cultivators I have made. The Glue trap crossed to the GDP X Rugburn helped to diversify the aroma of the Glue trap making for some new aromatic diversity, while maintaining the bud quality and yeild. 

Does best in a greenhouse or indoor enviroment. Does well in a Scrog or large plant garden. Has good pest resistence.  

Glue Trap X (GDP X Rugburn)