Genetics: Super Silver Satellite F2 X Peaches
Flower Time: 9-11 weeks
Aroma: Haze / Melon / Blue marker / Rosemary / Peach / Acrid 

This cross is very limited with only 20 packs being available to the public. Each will be numbered and signed.

Giant Peach is a cross using two hybrids of my own creation. Super Silver Satellite F2 is a cross of Pre 96 Super Silver Haze and original Blue Satellite, brought to a second generation using plants leaning towards the Super Silver Haze. Peaches is a cross of Chardonnay and Llama Sanglug. 

I made this cross in order to diversify the aroma of the Super Silver Satillite F2 while also hoping to maintain its yeild. The Super Silver Satellite can produce large dense floral clusters that have a steely grey blue look. Its aroma is very unique with subtle complexities that keep you coming back, with notes of honeydew melon and light rosemary. The high is very uplifting and strong shooting you into space, I get lost in my own thoughts for hours when smoking the Super Silver Satellite. 

Not recommended for an outdoor enviroment. Indoors or covered greenhouse prefered. Does best in SOG or SCROG, larges plants will need support in flower. Most plants in the population will not exceed 70 days of flower, however the longer flowering ones will have the better high in my experience. 

Giant Peach