Forbidden Soda- 12 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Breeder:Annunaki Genetics (@Annunakigenetics on instagram)
Genetics: Forbidden Fruit X Huckleberry Soda
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

We trialed many new, big name varieties in 2018 and Forbidden Fruit was our #1 new favorite cultivar of them all. Forbidden Fruit, being a clone-only variety is hard to come by for most folks and so we are proud to announce our Forbidden Soda cross. We are marketing this as ‘Forbidden Fruit from seed’, since that’s essentially what it is.All pants are uniform in growth structure, and each and every phenotype shows some color. Two phenotypes we found are IDENTICAL to the original Forbidden Fruit in plant growth habit, bud color and structure, plus the overwhelming, unique ‘Tangie’/ cedar/ gremolata aroma. The others seem to have more of a complete terpene profile with added berries, cherries, and cooked meat. Much of this was complimented by our favorite male, Huckleberry Soda, who seems to always let the right traits shine through.

Forbidden Soda


    Be sure to check with your local laws regarding germination and cultivation.

    All seeds are considered hemp seeds by chemical composition