Ducksfoot BX- 12 REGULAR SEEDS

Breeder:Annunaki Genetics (@Annunakigenetics on instagram)
Genetics:Ducksfoot X Frisian Duck
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks

These seeds should be considered more for novelty purposes than for commercial production as the growth habit and bud structures are not what most folks are accustomed too.

These Ducksfoot Bx seeds are currently untested by Annunaki Genetics, however we have ran both of the parents indoor and outdoor. We feel that they each have the same garden performance and overall results wither way. Frisian Duck and Ducksfoot both had uniform phenotypes with little variation.100% of the plants should have webbed leaflets. The Frisian Duck mother was purple and the original Ducksfoot father, green, so we expect more of the same. Flowering times could range from 8- 10.5 weeks.

Ducksfoot BX