Collectors Pack - Blackberry Tart - 25 Feminized seedsThis is a Collector's pack from Tony Greenhand of Greenhand Genetics that includes 5 different feminized strains from the Blackberry Tart (Blackberry Kush X Guard Dawg F3) Pollenation. Each strain comes individually packaged and labeled. Each Collector's pack comes signed and numbered. The strains included in this Collector's Pack are:5 Seeds - Blackberry Tart (Blackberry Kush X Guard Dawg F3)5 Seeds - Peach Tart (Purple Peaches X Blackberry Tart)5 Seeds - Red Dawn (Guard Dawg F4 X Blackberry Tart)5 Seeds - Easy Money (Money X Blackberry Tart)5 Seeds - Blackberry Soda (Seattle Soda X Blackberry Tart)Blackberry Tart is a strong indica varity that is both colorful and potent. Very reliable outdoors but does excellent indoors as well. Harvest can be as early as the first week of october outdoors. Very aromatic Berry / Rubber aromas. Expect all the crosses in this collection to take 8-9 weeks to flower with most taking 8 weeks. The Blackberry Soda in this collection is a limited collaboration between Greenhand Genetics and Super Seed Co.

Collector's pack - Blackberry Tart