Cherry Pie BX F2 - 10 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Genetics: (Cherry Pie BX X Cherry Pie BX)
Flower Time: 8-9 weeks
Aroma: Sweet / Fuel / Cherry / Acrid / Marker

Cherry Pie BX F2 was created in attemp to further diversify the population of this backcross in hopes that this would lead to finding more reslient and hearty offspring that fair well in an indoor enviroment. This second generation was made using 8 chosen females and 1 male. The seeds have been mixed to ensure the grower has a diverse selection. 

Cherry Pie BX F2 does well in the outdoor and greenhouse enviroment with a pull date of early to mid October. This cultivator was made for ease of selection in an indoor enviroment, however be aware that if grown indoors there may be a chance at incountering intersex offspring, as this was a common trait of the original Cherry Pie mother. The flowers of this variety can be swollen and greasy with resin, some will have a medicinal cherry aroma while others will have a very gassy rich aroma. Indoors I recommend harvest between 8-9 weeks. 

Cherry Pie BX F2