Blue Magoo Bx2 - 10 REGULAR SEEDS per order

Breeder:Professor P of Dynasty Genetics (@professorp420 on instagram)
Genetics:Blue Magoo X Blue Herron #111
Flowering Time:7-8 weeks

"Parental Information:

Mom- The Blue Magoo is an elite clone from Oregon that’s been around since the 90s.. Her lineage is Blueberry x MajorLeagueBud(williams wonder f2)… Berry, Roses and smells of incense permeate the area when this beauty is around.. Her medicinal properties have saved many patients alleviate their ailments ranging from insomnia, loss of appetite, chronic pain and much more.

Dad- The Blue Heron (Blue Magoo x Blue Magoo/Huckleberry2011) male was selected over the course of two years and over 120 plants. After thinning the selection down to two males, #111 male has proven to be the keeper that we were seeking.. Recessive traits of the Blue Magoo have been expressed all throughout the offspring.

Indica/Sativa %Indica Dominant
Feminized Seeds?No
Indoor / Outdoor: IndoorOutdoorGreenhouse
Bloom Length:50-58days
# of Phenotypes?1 (expect slight variations)
Describition of each phenotype expression:All phenos resemble the Blue Magoo clone, with slight variations from plant to plant.

Traits to be expected;** Colorful plants** Long petioles** “Zig zag” vine like branching** Sweet smelling blossoms** Crystal coated leaves (Extreme trich coverage)** Fast bloom time (some plants finished as fast as 7 weeks)** great potency, useful for many different conditions
Stretch:.75-1.25x "

*Dynasty Genetics are produced organically indoors without the use of chemicals, pesticides or hormones*

Blue Magoo Bx2