Berry Poppins F2 - 10 REGULAR SEEDS

Breeder: TonyGreenhand of Greenhand Genetics ( on instagram)
Genetics: Blueberry Kush X Blueline
Flower Time: 8 weeks
Aroma: Blueberry / Raspberry / Huckleberry / Earthy / Sweet

Back by popular demand, our Berry Poppins F2 is the next generation of berry dank. Blueline is a cross I had made using Blueberry Indica and Guard Dawg F2, from that cross I chose a short blueberry leaning male to cross to Blueberry Kush. This mostly indica hybrid is short and squat with good lateral branching. Its flowering time is short and uniform at 8 weeks. It is recommended that you defoliate and lollipop your Berry Poppins plants for maximum yield. The foliage can become very dark with some being a very nice blue color. Each phenotype will exhibit berry like aromas from sweet to earthy. 

Best suited for a sea of green or scrog set up. Does well both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors expect to harvest in the first few weeks of October.

Berry Poppins F2