Berry Poppins F2 - 10 REGULAR SEEDS

Breeder: TonyGreenhand of Greenhand Genetics ( on instagram)
Genetics: Blueberry Kush X Blueline
Flower Time: 8 weeks
Aroma: Blueberry / Raspberry / Huckleberry / Earthy / Sweet

Back by popular demand, our Berry Poppins F2 is the next generation of berry dank. Blueline is a cross I had made using Blueberry Indica and Guard Dawg F2, from that cross I chose a short blueberry leaning male to cross to Blueberry Kush. This mostly indica hybrid is short and squat with good lateral branching. Its flowering time is short and uniform at 8 weeks. It is recommended that you defoliate and lollipop your Berry Poppins plants for maximum yield. The foliage can become very dark with some being a very nice blue color. Each phenotype will exhibit berry like aromas from sweet to earthy. 

Best suited for a sea of green or scrog set up. Does well both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors expect to harvest in the first few weeks of October.

Berry Poppins F2


    Check with local laws regarding germination and cultivation

    All seeds are considered hemp by chemical composition.