Q: How do I use a promo code?

A: Simply add all of the items you wish to purchase into your cart and click "Enter a promo code", you can then type in the code. The discount will be applied to the items in your cart.

For sales like Buy 2 Get 1 Free, put all three of the items you wish to purchase in the cart before entering the promo code. 

Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We ship to all 50  states and US territories. 

Q: What is the difference between Regular and Feminized seeds?

A: Cannabis naturally produces seeds using a male and a female plant. The seeds produced can be either male or female. There is no way to sex a regular seed by looks alone, instead the farmer must grow the seeds and determine whether or not the plant will be female. This can be done easily by allowing the plant to grow until it produces preflowers or by putting them into flower.

Feminized seeds are made using two females, one of which being the pollen donor. Female cannabis is unique in that it can be augmented to produce pollen under stress or chemical induction. The results of using this pollen are all female seeds, because only females were used in the creation of those seeds.

Q: What does Autoflower mean?

A: Most cannabis will need an augmented light cycle in order to produce flowers. This is because as the seasons change naturally so does the light available to the plant. 

Autoflowering cannabis is from such a high latitude that it will flower regardless of the light cycle after a set time, so there is no need to switch your lights to a 12/12 cycle. 

Q: I just purchased an order and I'm wondering how long it will take my package to arrive?

A: We ship all our orders within 4 business days of receiving your payment. We ship using USPS Priority shipping, which normally takes up to 3 business days to arrive. It may take up to a combined 7 business days to receive your order from your purchase date. 


Please check for delays in your area at USPS.com

Q: I'm a beginner grower, do you have any grow tutorials for the seeds you provide?

A: I do not have any grow tutorials available at this time, however I can recommend several websites that can be helpful to new farmers. Those websites are




On these websites you should be able to find comprehensive grow journals that show you progress from start to finish. You also have an opportunity to ask those growers questions about their methods. 

Q: There was a mistake with my order!

A: We are all humans, and mistakes happen sometimes. Reply to your order confirmation email with a photo, screenshot or explanation of what happened and we will correct it. 

Q: I entered the incorrect address

A: Addresses can be updated as long as the order has not been shipped. Once shipped we can not correct it, please be sure to double check your address before confirming your order. If you have a PayPal account the address connected to it will automatically be selected, please make sure that address is up to date to avoid issues. 

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Be sure to check with your local laws regarding germination and cultivation.

All seeds are considered hemp seeds by chemical composition  

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