Breeder Information


Annunaki Genetics

Annunaki is based out of Washington State and produces a variety of Regular and Feminized photoperiod strains. 

Annunaki Genetics


Cool Beans

Cool Beans is operated out of Colorado producing in house genetics for Cherry Colorado with their focus being on Regular and Feminized photoperiod strains.

Coolbeans Colorado

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Greenhand Genetics

Our in house genetics created by Tony Greenhand. Tony has been breeding for over a decade, trying to bring new and unique flavors to growers, with regular photoperiod genetics, auto flowers and feminized crosses. 

Tony Greenhand

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Relic Seeds

Ran by Professor P Relic Seeds focuses on bringing heron regular photoperiod strains to the public that have been fully tested. 

Relic Seeds


Baller Billy Seeds

The owner of Baller Billy Seeds is an old head from the foothills of CA. His company is named after a grower, the “Baller HillBilly”who gave him his first seeds back in 86’ with their meeting immortalized on his logo. BBS combines old school genetics with newer strains to create seeds that are easy to grow. Selections are always made for high potency and terpene content.

Baller Billy Seeds


Dynasty Genetics

Dynasty Genetics offers award winning crosses that have been thoroughly tested. For full information on Dynasty Genetic's strain library visit their website via the link below.

Dynasty Genetics

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Okie And Bean 

My friends call me AI or Okie. I started growing 1997. The passion for the plant has kept me grinding ever since.. I always have enjoyed making seeds, with a thought of being able to share them with the masses to savor as i do.. Along side my partner Bean, a part of that is to offer flavors at a price point the average person can afford.. For the people, by the people is my drive with attention on high demand strains.. A classic of mine that was brought out of the traps was GasPoweredSherb.. She checks all the boxes and is a strain tht will never leave my stable..


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Terp Fiend Genetics

Terp Fiend Focuses on making in-house Regular photoperiod crosses with elite clone only hybrids 

Terp Fiend

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Clearwater Genetics

Clearwater Genetics is based out of Colorado and focuses on producing Feminized photoperiod strains. 


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Flying Lion 

Based out of California flying lion research produces Regular photoperiod and feminized auto flowering hybrids. 

Flying Lion Research


PreCalyx Collectibles

Based out of California

PreCalyx Collectibles


Trophy Genetics

Trophy Genetics is based out of Washington state and produces Regular Autoflowering and photoperiod genetics. 

Farmer Joe Parker